ALERT: Artisan Contractors (solo contractors) will need work comp starting 1/1/2026

July 21, 2023

California passed a bill that will require all artisan contractors (solo contractors) to carry work comp coverage WHETHER THEY HAVE EMPLOYEES OR NOT. For a contractor that has no employees, this type of work comp policy is called a “ghost policy” or “ghost work comp policy”.

The CSLB media release can be found here, and a text of the actual senate bill that passed is here.

The minimum premiums will likely be about $1,000 (for the year) and can go up from there.  Pricing is subject to change, depending on the claim severity/frequency that may arise from these types of policies.

If you are a small artisan contractor this will affect you.  If you are GC, or use smaller contractors to sub out work, this will affect you/them.

Just be prepared for this additional business expense and let me know if you need help now.  I will send out periodic reminders until 1/1/2026, so you are in compliance with California state laws.  Please share this with anyone that may be affected – fellow colleagues, or any subs you use or work with.

Please think of me for your work comp needs.  I am licensed in many states – not just California – but this new bill only affects our California contractors (for now). 😊