URGENT PSA (08/18/2023)

August 18, 2023

I can’t believe I have to do this P.S.A. for San Diego, but here I go…. in preparation of the first hurricane to hit our region in decades, please prepare NOW.

•  Make sure you have enough drinking water and food for each member of your household for 3 days (longer if possible). Consider that your electricity or gas may not be working, so make sure you have alternative means to store and prepare food safely.

•  Make sure you have some cash on hand as electronic payment methods may not be working.

•  Make sure you have flashlights and batteries handy, and/or a solar portable charging device (though lack of sun will affect charging ability)•  Make sure to have supplies for your pets and animals.

•  Check your home. If your home is prone to water related leaks, put a tarp or some type of covering over anything you can to help minimize damage. Various places in the county are offering sandbags, so use them.  In the event of heavy winds, pull things away from windows that could become a projectile. If you have outdoor umbrellas, flags, decorative stuff, whatever, take them down and put them away.  Do you best to strengthen fencing today if your fencing needs some work. If you can, cut down weak or dangerous branches now so they don’t fall on your home, car, or a neighbor’s home or car.  Do your best to fortify your roof/windows/outdoor living space to prepare for very high winds and heavy rain.

•  Check your insurance policies.  You will likely *not* be able to bind flood coverage now as many carriers have now issued moratoriums on flood policies, but find out what you do have and make sure your policies are active.

•  Take photos of the inside and outside of your property NOW. Before a claim needs to be filed.•  Develop an evacuation plan with your family, make sure everyone knows where to go and where to meet up

•  Develop a communication plan. *Write* down on paper the phone numbers and addresses of loved ones and emergency contacts. Most of us keep this information digitally, but if we cannot access our personal phone records electronically, we’ll need to be able to access contact information in old school paper copies.

•  Heed any evacuation warnings or notices from public officials.We want all of you to be safe during this crazy weather event. It’s always better to be prepared and not need something, than need something and not have it handy because there was no plan. If you need us, be sure to reach out. – js